Holy Crap, It’s All Starting To Make Sense: Feinstein’s Chinese Spy Was Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

Everything is starting to make sense as it turns out Feinstein’s Chinese driver for 20 years was actually a spy. 

The peculiar part of the story is that this information was actually discovered over five years ago by the FBI but was never disclosed until now by the San Fransisco Chronicle and Politico.

Now more than ever, questions are coming up to the surface about Feinstein and her Chinese driver. How close was Feinstein really to the Chinese?

The Chinese spy was known to represent Feinstein at multiple events, and when her driver retired it was never made known by the mainstream media. No arrests were ever made, and the staff or Feinstein was never questioned about the spy.

How is this possible?

Did the spy pass important information to the Chinese?

Of course the mainstream media has said nothing with questions flying in left and right about how close Senator Feinstein really was to the Chinese.

We know for a fact that no US politician has ever had as close relations to China’s previous and present leader like Feinstein did China. Feinstein enjoyed over 30 years of frequent visits to Beijing. How could she of not developed close ties with Chinese officials with high rankings like the former President Jiang Zemin and former Premier Zhu Rongji?

According to fbnewscycle:

The Daily Wire reports that on September 24, 2015, Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz introduced legislation which would change the name of the street located across from Red China’s Embassy. The street was to be renamed after pro-democracy activist Liu Xiaobo.

Cruz stated, “This would be the street sign that the Chinese Ambassador would look at each day. This would be the address that every piece of correspondence going into the embassy and coming out of the embassy would have written on it… the PRC officials will be forced to recognize the bravery of Dr. Liu and to acknowledge it dozens of times a day- day after day after day.”

Cruz wasn’t happy to find that Senator Feinstein took the floor in objection. She stated, “I can only infer that it has political implications, because the President of China is due to arrive here tomorrow and, therefore, this would be passed today, moved out of committee without a vote in front of the Senate. I don’t think that is the way we should do business in this Senate. Maybe people don’t believe diplomacy makes a difference, but I do.”

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