FEDS UNCOVER More Female Genital Mutilation Of Young Girls In Landmark Michigan Case

The media has been slacking on a recent crime in Michigan, a first of its kind!

With such a horrific case you would think the mainstream media would be reporting on the local crime in Michigan of female genital mutation.

It is unbelievable, as this type of corruption is starting to become a norm in the Western society. 

How could it even be acceptable to anyone to cut little girls’ genitals?

More attention needs to be put on what is going on to these young females in Michigan. 

A local doctor has been conducting surgery on more than 100 young girls.

This procedure includes mutilating the genitals after drugging up the girls with a shot. However, they could still feel pain, especially after the procedure was performed.

The lawyers of the doctors who performed the procedures to these young girls have tried to use their Muslim religion for defense. They have compared circumcision as an outrageous claim. 

The biggest questions we need to ask is how is the American legal system and U.S. Constitution allowing genital cutting? Even if it is in the name of religion, nothing like this should ever be okay.

Reported by 100percentfedup:

One girl said she was “laid on an examining table with her knees near her chest and legs spread apart,” that she was “pinched” in the genital area, that it “hurted a lot” and that there was “pain and burning.”

The girls were told to keep the procedures a secret, court records show. One said “the doctor made her (friend) cry.”

According to the new indictment, one of the Michigan girls was given Valium ground up in liquid Tylenol during her procedure in 2015.

Three more female genital mutilation victims who traveled to Michigan for the procedure — all of them elementary school girls from Illinois whom prosecutors say were brought here by their mothers for religious cuttings.

One of the girls was cut on Valentine’s Day in 2015; another at the start of her 2015 school year, court records show. The third was cut in March 2015.

All three Illinois girls were about 7 years old at the time of the procedures, according to a new indictment filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Detroit, where eight people are facing charges in the nation’s first genital mutilation case, including two doctors and four mothers.

Prosecutors have now identified nine victims in the case: two 7-year-old girls from Minnesota; four Michigan girls ages 8-12, and the three Illinois girls.

The lead defendant in the case is Dr. Jumana Nagarwala, 45, of Northville, whom prosecutors have estimated performed genital mutilation on at least 100 girls over a 12-year-period.

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