THIS IS HUGE: Bombshell Document Proves Huma Abedin’s Guilt, Proves The FBI Covered Up of Hillary’s Crimes

The most damning aspect of the FBI’s unfounded and overly aggressive investigation into Donald Trump and his associates is the FBI’s equally impotent treatment of Hillary Clinton and her closest associates.

Take the FBI’s vastly different treatment of President Trump’s National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and Hillary Clinton’s top aide and closest “confidant” Huma Abedin, for example.

General Flynn had a distinguished career in service to America, did nothing wrong, and agreed to a discussion with two FBI agents in what he believed was just an off the cuff discussion.

Flynn, confident in his integrity, answered their questions and both agents said they detected no signs that he was lying at any time.

This was reflected in their 302 reports recapping the interview.

Flynn is still officially awaiting sentencing for making “false statements” to the FBI.

You read that correctly.

Disgraced FBI agent’s Peter Strzok’s 302 had been altered.

Whether that was before or after he joined Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team is not yet known.

On the flip side, Huma Abedin’s 302 has been declassified and a review of it shows that she knowingly lied.

Abedin told Strzok that she was not aware that Hillary was using a private (unauthorized) server until 2013, after she had left the State Department:

But Abedin did know she was exchanging emails on an illegal server as evidenced by this earlier exchange from February 27, 2010 while she and Clinton were both at State..

Cheryl Mills to Justin Cooper and Huma Abedin: “Fyi – hrc email coming back – is server okay?”

Cooper to Mills and Abedin:  “Ur funny. We are on the same server.”

In addition to that exchange, there was also this one between Cooper, Mills and Abedin less than a year later on January 9, 2011:

Cooper: “I had to shut down the server.  Someone was trying to hack us and while they did not get in I didn’t want to let them have the chance to.  I will restart in the morning.”

When Cooper sat for a series of  interviews with the FBI he told his interviewers that he had discussed Clinton’s private server with Abedin and Mills when its use was initiated in 2009.

There have been no charges brought against Cooper, Mills or Abedin.

This story is not going away.

The disparate treatment of General Flynn and Huma Abedin is especially galling considering their histories.

Flynn is a highly decorated patriot.  Abedin is questionably a Muslim Brotherhood plant who was given unfettered access to our nation’s most sensitive secrets while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

It’s a black mark on the FBI and Robert Mueller that the person they chose to prosecute was the patriot.

Nothing reveals the depth of the anti-Trump bias fueling this witch-hunt than this.

17 Comments on THIS IS HUGE: Bombshell Document Proves Huma Abedin’s Guilt, Proves The FBI Covered Up of Hillary’s Crimes

    • David Pelosi may not be the head of the house. Remember a lot of Dems. said they would not vote for Pelosi. That why I think they won the house, but I also believe that if Pelosi does get it. Then in 2020 the Dems will lose the House, and they will again lose the Senate.

  1. The Repubs had two years to make Dem criminals pay for their massive malfeasance. They did nothing, and now that the Dems have taken control of the House we can be certain that nothing will ever be done.

    • In a short time the house will again be in need of “servants” due to many resigning or being indicted for crimes against humanity (pedophilia) and treason. I believe the senate will befall the same fate.

  2. The Clintons made a mockery of “Equal Justice Under the Law” but I guess it won’t be all that important as the country will be the North American version of Venezuela in a decade if people don’t wake up.

  3. No bombshell we all know obamas whole administration is and was the most corrupt criminal Treasonist vile thing that has ever been in America, Now Arrest everyone of them to Face a Firing Squad for Treason, High Treason

  4. The depth of this unreal. Our Government is so compromised. Congress is impotent. Doesn’t matter which, ” PARTY” gets or doesn’t. The whole system has been compromised since Bush – 8 Years, Clinton – 8 Years, and Obama- 8 years and it he sis still under a huge cloud about his citizenship. The depth of corruption is astonishing. Note: They all did some good. They all did some very, very bad. Unfortunately, The Bad out did the good.

  5. What Bobbshell? Any sane , intelligent American citizen over the age of fifty and therefore not educated by indoctrination of Marxist, Unionized teachers, KNEW from Day 1 that the Obama Administration was the most corrupt and lawless one in American History and its tentacles are STILL seditionizing Everything that the Duly Elected President, Donald Trump, who won despite the attempted rigging by the last several FBI Directors including Mueller, Comey, and McCabe won the election because American citizens worthy of the title VOTED him into office to cease the “rotten business as usual,” abuses of the Progressive Democrats and their RINO cohorts in crime and corruption; clandestine but active advocates of the New World Order and aiding and abetting the implementation of U.N. Agenda 21 in THIS country and which makes them all, every one of them in this disabled Vietnam Vet’s eyes, TRAITORS in violation of their sworn oaths of office, making them malfeasant in them and derelict in duty and obligation to the SOLE REASON any of them are in office; To serve their AMERICAN CITIZEN CONSTITUENTS, which they do very poorly or not at all and one only needs to look at the diminution of the quality of life, the expanding debt from tax and spend leftist welfare wonk policies the reduction of personal choices and individual liberties and their attacks on freedom of speech, religion and dissenting opinion, the right to keep and bear arms, ignoring due process and presumption of innocence until proved guilty by peers in a Court of Law and a belief that the Constitution is outmoded or misinterprested though following it closely took us from a flegling nation to ascendancy in world affairs by the time of our own Civil War in 1861; only a period of 80 years. Their policies are designed to flood this nation with illegals and militant Muslim fifth columnists and terrorists; many even now trying to cross into this country illegally! America had best wake-up totally or it will be put to sleep forever by its own stupidity; JUST AS IS ONGOING IN EUROPE WHOSE OWNN HISTORY DISPLAYS TIME AND AGAIN WHY WE SHOULD NEVER FOLLOW THEIR EXAMPLE! Islam is NOT a religion of peace for anyone; not even themselves as the bloody savages they are and admitted to on Hannity’s show by one of their leaders who admitted as much. They are destroyers , not builders and there is no place in any Civilization with any degree of tolerance as they simply have nothing but intolerance for all “Infidels,”
    under Sharia Law, maining every non-Muslim on the planet and we should rid ourselves of them while we can as the true threat they are to us ALL!

    • As one vet to another vet,thank you for your service. As for your comments,i keep seeing all of these different posts on many different web-sites saying that this should be done and that that should be done? The only exception to all of this is,I keep saying and reading a lot of talking, BUT i do not or have not heard,read or even seen very much of anything even being done? What good is ALL of the talking, if no one is going to do anything? Oh well, i guess it is always nice to dream about all of these different thing getting done, by someone somewhere? Kind of reminds me of that very old saying “Everybody is setting back waiting for John and Mary to do something”?

  6. All of this is sickening.—I am betting that absolutely nothing will ever come out of all the investigations of Hillary, Obama,Huma, and all the rest of the democrat/commie organization that is working to destroy the USA. They have let piddly district judges have more power than the President.

  7. Cooper, Mills and Abedin have lawyers that are on Mueller’s team, or were on Mueller’s team, or State Department lawyers. The very people that went after Trump, are protecting the actual criminals.
    Unless the “authority” involved at the highest level, ‘Special Investigator’ like Mueller gets involved, this will remain a ‘fixed case’…..
    RINO’s fear exposure just as much as Dems, as all on the Hill are complicit in like actions of Bribery, Blackmail and cohersion.. al on the hill have closets with so many skeletons in the closet the closet door will hardly shut…..
    There is a point where either the citizenry will see justice, or the citizenry will be degraded to Socialism victims.. there is no other outcome possible.

  8. There are few that I trust. I trust President Trump. He has shown over and over again his intention to keep the promises he made while campaigning. The reason we elected him despite vast voter fraud by the left. Evil Satanic group trying to take on God! God allows man free will and Satan the deceiver, has many in his clutches working against all that is decent and good. Fear not, pray and know that God will prevail! I pity the ignorant!

  9. We must learn to live with the fact that the ‘deep state’ controls the press, the Democrat Party, the news media, Hollywood, our universities, and most agencies in the federal gov’t. Trump is our only hope of saving this country from this insidious scourge that is trying to destroy America but it looks
    like it is hopeless, we may be doomed.

  10. Unless you are going to report that they have all been charged with crimes against the United States of America, I don’t want to hear it! You are just making me crazy because of the crippling double standard. If you are a Democrat and you commit a crime, it doesn’t matter because you are golden. BUT, you better not step one inch off the straight and narrow if you are a Republican because they will raid your house at 4 in the morning, even if you have protected status, say as a whistleblower. It is sickening and I can’t listen to (or read) anymore stories about how crooked Hillary and the Democrats are.

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