ILLEGAL ALIEN Stabs Teenage Girl to Death…Illegal’s Lawyer Paid For By? You! #BuildTheWall

Unfortunately, the life of another innocent child has been taken by the cruel actions of an illegal alien living in the United States. 

Despite the fact that these murders and crimes by illegal aliens are completely preventable, we continue to just let them slide into our country unnoticed.

To make things even worse, New Jersey’s Governor has decided to make his taxpayers fund the bill for the defense of these illegal aliens. 


In another senseless crime committed by an illegal alien, a 16-year-old female was killed after being stabbed to death last Saturday.

When will Americans finally realize the truth behind open borders and take a stand to stop illegal aliens from flooding our nation?

Authorities were called to the scene of the crime and discovered the body of the teenager. They quickly rushed her to the hospital. However, the young girl didn’t make it as they pronounced her dead at the hospital. 

This death could have been permitted if this illegal alien was not in the country illegally.

Now the blood is in the hands of Bryan Cordero-Castro, the 20-year-old illegal from Guatemala, and the rest of the open border supporters in America. 

According to 100percentfedup:

Governor Murphy is pro-illegal alien and has bent over backward to put illegals before legal US citizens:


As a way to foot the bill for his record-breaking $37.4 billion budget, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy plans to raise taxes on virtually everything under the Garden State sun, including retail sales, Airbnb, Uber, and Internet transactions. Murphy took a break from hiking taxpayers’ financial burden to create a $2.1 million legal defense fund for illegal aliens.

Quaintly included under the header of “Ensuring Social Justice,” the Democratic governor directs millions to “support non-profit groups providing legal assistance to those facing detention or deportation.”

The taxpayer-supported (il)legal aid is the latest on a growing list of actions Murphy has taken since taking office in January to benefit the estimated 500,000 illegal aliens in New Jersey.

Although a 1996 federal statute prohibits illegal aliens from receiving certain professional licenses, such as permits to practice law, states may affirmatively opt out of that prohibition. By doing so, Murphy paved the way for the first illegal alien to be sworn in as a member of the state bar.

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