What Is “Ballot Harvesting” And How Did Dems Use It To Flip SEVEN U.S. House Seats In CA?

What Is “Ballot Harvesting” And How Did Dems Use It To Flip SEVEN U.S. House Seats In CA?

California, the mostly blue, ultra liberal state, actually has a few republican strongholds left. Orange County WAS one of those strongholds, until this last election when thousands of democrat votes came in days after voting closed.

What are Republicans making of this unusual, obviously fraudulent midterm election where huge amounts of democrat votes came in after the election to effectively flip several red seats to blue?

How are we going to guarantee that we’ll never see this type of crooked outcome again?

Incumbent congressman David Valadao was a shoo-in for the 21st District of California. His race was considered non competitive and Associated Press named him the winner on election night because of his 4,000 + vote lead on Democrat TJ Cox.

Imagine his surprise when late ballots, mostly from vote-by-mail ballots that were postmarked by election day, started flowing in, chipping away at Valadao’s lead.

This is the same trend that went on all over the state of California, effectively flipping SEVEN House seats this year! The Democratic Party flipped 43 seats and lost three of their own.

The Daily Caller reports:

As the polls closed on election day last month, six California Republican House candidates, including Representatives Dana Rohrabacher, Steve Knight, and Mimi Walters, were ahead in their respective races. However, as the absentee and provisional ballots rolled in over the intervening weeks, all six lost to their Democratic opponents.

Korean-American GOP candidate Young Kim is the most outrageous example of this fraud that is going on. On election night, Kim held an 8,000 vote lead over her Democratic opponent Gil Cisneros.

As she prepared for her win and even attended her freshman orientation in Washington, D.C., her huge lead slowly disappeared along with her victory.

“California just defies logic to me,” said Ryan at a Washington Post live event. “We were only down 26 seats the night of the election, and three weeks later, we lost basically every California contested race. This election system they have — I can’t begin to understand what ‘ballot harvesting’ is.”

This unfair turnaround may have several factors to it but a major part of this is their practice of “ballot harvesting.” Under the radar, Gov. Jerry Brown signed the changes in AB1921 into law two years ago.

Previously, only family members and household members were aloud to drop off mail ballots for a voter. This new law allows anyone, even paid campaign workers, to collect and turn in these ballots. This is what they call “harvesting.”

San Fransisco Chronicle reports: In Orange County alone, where every House seat went Democratic, “the number of Election Day vote-by-mail dropoffs was unprecedented — over 250,000.” 

Watch this democrat operative caught on a homeowners security camera going door to door offering to take their ballots. The woman says that it’s a “new service” for people who are “supporting the democratic party.”

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  1. There is more to this than being reported. Just collecting the votes and delivering them cannot account for the result, either the ballot was changed or Republicans chose to skip voting!

    • Or ‘perhaps’ the ‘republican’ votes were simply ‘lost’ – more likely destroyed – just in case there were to be a recount. It is amazing that a single republican candidate has ever benefited from any of the ‘found’ ballots – anywhere.

  2. A forged signature swapped for $1 — or sometimes a cigarette. The crude exchange played out hundreds of times on L.A.’s skid row during the 2016 election cycle and again this year, prosecutors said Tuesday as they announced criminal charges against nine people accused in a fraud scheme. Using cash and cigarettes as lures, the defendants approached homeless people on skid row and asked them to forge signatures on state ballot measure petitions and voter registration forms, the district attorney’s office said. The defendants — some of whom were scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday — face several criminal charges, including circulating a petition with fake names, voter fraud and registering a fictitious person. The charges, which were filed three weeks ago but made public Tuesday, followed a Los Angeles Police Department crackdown on suspected election fraud on skid row earlier in the year – http://threepercenternation.com/2018/11/felony-charges-filed-in-massive-voter-fraud-scam/?utm_source=newsletter-%20fear-blood&utm_medium=email&utm_content=subscriber_id:1139363&utm_campaign=11-24%203%25

  3. This is a lawful action. I sure as heck don’t like it, but it’s not an act of fraud. Republicans can, and should, use this tactic in states where it exists.

  4. I can attest to FRAUD in this last election. I had a fellow sign in about 10 AM. THEN – about 2ish, the REAL fellow appeared to vote. There’s NO WAY to remove the fraudulent vote. The real fellow had to vote provisional. FRAUD!!!!

    Also – possible fraud were all the provisional ballots that were submitted by people who had NO ability to speak or write English. Isn’t that a major requirement of being a US citizen??? I would bet the farm that those provisionals were NOT vetted and were counted!!!!

  5. This type corruption should not be allowed to happen. Why aren’t the republicans screaming about it and having something started to end it? Federal elections should not be allowed to be handled like this.

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