“Ladies” Of “The View” Launch Baseless Attack On Trump, Abby Huntsman’s Reply Leaves Them Feeling Awfully Silly

After President Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, entered a guilty plea in regards to his lying about his involvement in “dealings involving a Trump hotel in Russia,” the liberal ladies on ABC’s “The View,” took it as their chance to claim that President Trump colluded with Russia.

Conservative Tribune ponders:

As of this writing, Russian collusion is still as chimerical as it’s ever been, the special counsel seems no closer to proving it and Donald J. Trump is still ensconced at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. And, as co-host Abby Huntsman pointed out to the rest of the panel Friday, the charge of collusion seems a bit ridiculous when put next to Trump’s crackdown on Russia — something they weren’t going to give him credit for.

After new “View” panelist Ana Navarro — the former “Republican” that CNN grabbed up long ago to prove it indeed had a Republican who thought Trump was Satan incarnate, too — said the president was being too friendly with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Huntsman noted that Trump had been tougher on Russia than “any administration since the Cold War.”

The former Fox News personality explained, “No one ever talks about the actual issues and what’s being done to combat Russia because that’s not the shiny object. No one cares about that. No one gives the president credit for anything that he does right.”

Liberal co-host Joy Behar had some back-and-forth conversation with Meghan McCain about the way former Presidents have been friends, such as former Republican President George W. Bush and former Democratic President Barack Obama, with Russian President Putin.

Thats when Sunny Hostin questioned President Trump’s choice to cancel a meeting with Russia after Ukrainian naval vessels were seized.

“Um, when was he concerned about the Ukraine?” Hostin questioned.

That wasn’t the best question to ask…

“Really? Really, Sunny? Really, Sunny?” Huntsman answered. “Trump has actually been tougher on Ukraine than President Obama was. The first thing he did with Russia when he got into office was arm the Ukrainians and put sanctions on Russia as it relates to Ukraine.”

Huntsman explained that her co-hosts shouldn’t be “conflating” the Mueller probe with the President’s Russia policy, especially because no collusion has even been proved.

“The point I’m trying to make: If you want to talk about the Mueller investigation, let’s have that talk, and the dealings that Trump had with Russia before he got into office,” she went on. “But if you want to talk about actual diplomacy, things that are happening with Russia, that is a very different thing. I would love for this table — not Meghan included because she’s different — to give him credit on something.”

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  1. There it goes again!! Don’t Behar and Goldberg have anything else to talk about, beside Politics?..How about, if they talk about their families or even themselves..They need to shut the ‘View’ down..

  2. Mueller is spending millions on this insane investigation yet nothing. This is a two year on going hunt. At what point do we ask them to finish. You got these morons on here talking like they got all the answers. If this is the case, just hire these bags.

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