LOUIS FARRAKHAN Leads Chants of “Death to America!” in Tehran — Refers to America as “Great Satan”

LOUIS FARRAKHAN Leads Chants of “Death to America!” in Iran— Refers to America as “Great Satan.”

The man who is often seen with democrats in America, Louis Farrakhan, gave a couple of speeches in Iran where he was caught on video leading a chant of “death to America,” and he even referred to America as “great Satan.”

Farrakhan spent his time in Iran criticizing America and President Trump for the sanctions against Iran. In a meeting it is reported that Farrakhan told Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaei that the US was “conspiring against Iran.”

Farrakhan told Iranians that he understood how the “enemies have plotted” against them, and he affirmed that he would stay beside them to stop America’s “plots.”

In another report by 100 Percent Fed Up they say that he’s chanting “Death to Israel.”  Regardless of whether it’s “death to Israel” or “death to America,” Farrakhan is a well known anti-semite and President Trump is a well known supporter of Israel.

While giving a speech at Tehran University, Farrakhan referred to America as “great Satan.” He commented that America/Satan is set up against Iran to destroy them for being in submission to “the will of god.”


22 Comments on LOUIS FARRAKHAN Leads Chants of “Death to America!” in Tehran — Refers to America as “Great Satan”

  1. Someone PLEASE put-a-bullet in this “mooslims” head!! I am sick-and-tired of his Anti-American “rants”!! He is the enemy!!

    • That exactly why you should not waste time spewing this garbage…talking about revoking his passports…he’s part of the deception.Let him chant whatever…its going no place!

  2. How about either denying him entrance back into the country or arresting him for treason?


    • No he isn’t Obama’s friend…he should be allowed back in this country by all means.His chant will not make things any worst here in America than it already is!

    • Why such harsh punishment for a silly chant that’s going nowhere? You’re request will become all Americans reality in the near future my dear.

  3. What a POC. Always was, always will be. Definitely not a patriot. He needs to take up residence in Iran. How long would he last there?

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