Mark Levin Just Put It All On The Line To Expose Schumer & Pelosi For Who They Really Are

 We all know Mark Levin as a pretty blunt kind of guy when it comes to speaking on political issues.

The Conservative did just that when it came to the partial government shutdown.

The news of the government shutdown is still the main focus of almost every headline, as we are into its’ third week. President Donald Trump addressed the nation on Tuesday evening, making it very clear that we must secure the United States’ southern border. Democrats continue to resist the effort.

Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer delivered a weak rebuttal following the President’s address. It was enough for Levin to lose it on the two Democrats. He decided to call into Fox News, slamming the Democrats for wasting years fighting border security.

“First of all, the president gave an outstanding speech. It was concise. It was compassionate and truly compassionate,” Levin started off the phone call on Sean Hannity’s show.

“He provided the context both in terms of what’s going on in the border, the expense, which is de minimis, and who’s really responsible,” Levin went on.

He seemed to be getting more and more worked up over the issue. He began to go off on a well-thought-out rant, explaining why Americans are becoming more and more frustrated with liberals who are avoiding funding a border wall.

“Let’s keep a few things in mind when you watch Schumer and Pelosi. They’re pathological liars,” Levin stated. “They’ve been in Congress over half a century. What the hell have they done about the border? Nothing.”

He went on to say that Democrats have admitted that there is a border issue in the past, however, they haven’t done a thing to fix it.

“They’re part of the scam artists. They get amnesty, legalization, citizenship, and never secure the border,” he insisted.

Just take a look at the video below:

Levin went on, calling out the media for doing nothing to push the Democrats, “These two and the rest of them are never forced to explain their flip-flop. Where they were for border security, they voted to authorize walls, they voted to fund some of the walls and now all of the sudden it’s ‘immoral.’”

27 Comments on Mark Levin Just Put It All On The Line To Expose Schumer & Pelosi For Who They Really Are

  1. Schumer and pelosi think theu own america its time to jail them two for obstructing security on our borders they are doing it on purpose stop them arrest there lying asses

  2. Amazing how these demoRAT’s have failing memories….. we all know why these disgusting demoRAT’s want to cry about fixing immigration and stopping illegals at the border,it’s all about votes,it’s just criminal that these people value a vote over the American tax paying public’s safety and America’s sovereignty. This whole obviscating bunch should be removed from office and put in prison for their acts of treason.

    • Is it possible to remove all the politicians that took an oath of office to uphold the constitution and rule of law, and have reneged on this oath? These scum-bags should be kicked out of office. I’m a little surprised that civil suits haven’t been made against them. Congress probably have given themselves a pass on anything they say. If they signed any bill that resulted in the death of an American citizen by an illegal alien (being PC doesn’t cut it anymore), then they should be taken to court as an accessory to murder.

  3. Pelosi is receiving millions from the drug cartels and slave traders called human traffickers today to oppose the border wall!

  4. Perhaps it’s time for those who lose loved ones to sue those two and the entire Democrat establishment. We know that there will be further loss of American lives as a result of their unwillingness to secure our southern border. We must publicize each loss from here on.

    • Howard, I couldn’t agree more. I have been saying this for awhile now. They won’t listen until the purse is squeezed to the max!!

  5. The democommies got caught in another of their lies and deceit. All the speeches and vote pandering was a lie. They have never intended to do anything about the border or immigration. And now they’ve been caught. Now the truth comes out. The Trump administration are holding their feet to the fire of truth and this was never supposed to happen. They had planned on government corruption as usual. Unfortunately for them, hrc lost!

  6. They keep winning with their lies. Our votes don’t count anymore. California where I live is already lost to them as well as the brain washed people. It is like living in a nightmare. I want to turn off the news because I get so angry and nobody will listen to me. Thank God for Mark’s show, but it makes me depressed with the truth of America’s downfall.

    • $150 Billion to Iran to finance World Wide terror ? WHO authorized that transfer of funds in the middle of the night ?
      Cant fund 5 Billion for US Southern border ????

  7. Obama Sent 150 Billion to Iran ? Who authorized that transfer in the middle of the night. Congress cant find 5 Billion for Southern security ?? ODD INDEED

  8. I have an answer to the border problem, gather up all the Democratic senators, congressmen and women, put them all on buses, and let them go back to Central America with the invaders.

  9. Great article – hate to be picky but what kind of writer are you? Don’t you know the difference between its and it’s? Btw, there’s no such thing as its’ – and that’s what you wrote in your article!

    • Cheap talk when you begin up “it’s” you must not know that is a short for “it is” and people must stop bickering as this is not a school room matter. Try and get along that is what like is about. Negativity is for losers.

  10. The Obama/Hillary Admin. was filled with Socialists, that is the real reason behind their actions and words. (IF) Hillary had won Soros and Obama would be in control, Hillary would have been their Puppet, You and I would be Socialist “Comrades”, No Guns, No Free speech, for starters. They Need more votes in the future because right now they are losing them. Hence; time for more ignorant people for voting.

  11. I wonder how those people so intent on not building the wall would feel if a loved one were attacked or killed by these illegals. Just another “incident” or “situation”, I guess.

  12. Soros and his minions the NAZI Commie liberal party are responsible for this treasonous act against the sovereignty of the United States! ‪It’s about time they’re are held accountable! Save the country from turning into another Commie shit hole!‬

  13. Is anyone else getting absolutely sick of seeing the kid from Kenya. Pajama boy has been out of the WH two years now, and every time one turns around, there he is. Brewing up his saul Alynski, community organizer bull s..t. What is a community organizer in the first place. Take hillary and the two of you just leave.

  14. Both of those two peices of excrement are the real reason that NOTHING can get accomplished. Putting there dinosaur asses in front of the same people who put there lieing asses in power in the first place. Hey OLD LADY Pelosi,”I noticed you have a WALL around your house you scum bag! Hey its immoral you damm lier!!! Why dont you and that other dung pile Schummer run away together and get the hell out of OUR America.

  15. Nancy & Chuck are shameless charlatans whose words are worth nothing. This has been our kind of leadership for over half a century until Trump came along. Trump is by no means perfect (like all of us) but he is a keeper of promises, a precious commodity in this business called politics.

  16. Chucky is a creepy houseboy. Any Jew who supports the DNC after what the Klansman, FDR, did to hundreds of jewish children is a disgrace. Pelosi needs to be jailed with her husband for handing him so much information what the government wanted to do. He went from wealthy to very wealthy thanks to her greed. She fought long and hard to make more money than any other dem in congress. Levin, yo! Philly still raises men.

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