Maxine Waters Threatens to “Knock Off” President Trump And “Get” Pence Too

Kirsters Baish| Democratic Representative of California Maxine Waters has been trying to get President Trump impeached from office since he was elected, so it’s no surprise that when she was honored with a leadership award by the National Newspaper Publishers Association on Friday, she decided to use the opportunity to talk trash about him.

Waters delivered her acceptance speech, which honestly seemed more like a speech at an anti-Trump rally, calling for the President to be impeached. Black Christian News reported that Waters told her supporters that Vice President Mike Pence could potentially be harder to take care of than Trump.

“… I say knock off the first, and go after the second,” Waters said.

The Democrat’s comments went on to support her anti-Trump theme, which she kicked off last Saturday when speaking in front of the Stonewall Young Democrats in Los Angeles. She mentioned a conversation regarding Trump and Pence, according to The Daily Caller.

“I had a conversation here today, when someone asked, ‘Well what about Pence? If you were able to impeach, Pence will be worse,” Waters said.

She went on, “And I said, ‘Look, one at a time.’ You knock one off — one at a time. We’ll be ready for Pence. We’ll get him too.”

The Free Dictionary notes that “to knock someone off is an idiom that means to kill.”

Later on during her speech, Waters claimed that she is against violence.

“I do not advocate violence,” she claimed, as reported by The Hill. “I do not believe you should hit, kick, shoot.”

“We have to tell people the difference between violence and incivility and protesting,” Waters went on.

Take a look at the speech:

The California Democrat kept on with her anti-Trump theme on Sunday while appearing on MSNBC, Breitbart reported.

“This president has displayed the most despicable behavior that any human being could do. And certainly, as a president of the United States, he has disappointed millions of people. And so he’s not a role model for our children,” Waters said. “Despite the fact that the 1% who will gain mightily from the tax cuts may continue to support him because of the profits that they will make, I think the average human being, the average American, even many of those who are Republicans, cannot stand to have this president represent us in this world any longer.”

Then, she predicted what would happen to the President in a ridiculous thought.

“I think we will understand how he and his allies and all of those who have been, you know, wanting Trump to lift the sanctions so that they can all benefit from drilling for oil in the Arctic are going to be discovered. They’re going to be indicted in my own estimation,” she said.

19 Comments on Maxine Waters Threatens to “Knock Off” President Trump And “Get” Pence Too

  1. She has horns like the devil and should be taken care of for even mentioning the work impeach. Now she is not satisfied with wanting to take the president our but want s to go after the vice president to. Where is the law? Why is she allowed to say these things?

  2. Her skin color allows her to get away with her comments. If Max wasn’t of color and a republican she would be in jail (with a pension). She is a disgrace to her race and to all women..

  3. This woman is inciting violence against the president and vice president. By saying the things she is saying she is pushing some lunatic to try to kill them. She knows very well how crazy people have become. She should be locked up for inciting violence!!! When is someone going to take action against her?

    • Amen to that!!! Such abhorrent behavior would NOT be acceptable in any other case!! But because she speaks of our president and Vice President who she has such distain for, somehow it’s ok?!!! I think not!!!
      It borders on Felony charges. It’s horrendous how she just continues to get away with it!!!

      • I have never heard the President insinuate anything toward inciting violence… please quote the words you have heard him say to incite violence … crazy Maxine puffs up her big lips and loud mouth only to incite violence everytime she is close to a 🎤!!

      • The only ones engaging in violence are democrat-socialist/progressive/liberal scum masquerading as freedom riders that want power. Power over you me and everything you cherish.
        Get your head out of whatever smelly dark hole you keep it in and WAKE THE FUCK UP.

  4. she talks like she’s got a mouth full of sh*t can’t even understand her! she wants to knock of OUR PRESIDENT she better be ready because anything happens to him the country will be coming after her! I don’t understand why this woman hasn’t been arrested all the times she has called for violence against our president! She should be behind bars

  5. this “woman” is full of BS..she has threatened the President and Vice President and she should be held accountable..if any ordinary person had made that comment, they would have been talken to jail…what is wrong with our law enforcement they get to pick and choose who gets arrested for such remarks?

  6. I agree with most of these comments regarding Maxine Waters. If the average person on the street had said what she said they would have been arrested or at least been put on a 72 hour hold and examined for mental health problems.

  7. She should talk…she will never be a role model. She is one sick, demented person. She is the scum of the earth. Spewing hatred, disrespect, violence. Lock Her UP in a mental institution. I think all future candidates running for office should have to take a psychiatric evaluation to make sure they are fit to run for office.

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