Mike Huckabee Unloads on ‘Selfish Narcissist’ Flake for Vowing to Oppose Trump’s Judicial Picks

Mike Huckabee Unloads on ‘Selfish Narcissist’ Flake for Vowing to Oppose Trump’s Judicial Picks.

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) stood with Democrats on Wednesday, effectively stalling things on Capitol Hill. Flake voted against President Trump’s  judicial nominee in an effort to stall the confirmation of Thomas Farr as a U.S. District Judge until legislation is voted on to protect Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

Flake’s decision to side with democrats lead to Vice President Mike Pence having to step in to break the tie procedural vote.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee had some strong words for Jeff Flake over his decision to vote against President Trump’s pick.

Huckabee called Flake a “selfish narcissist,” and said that his hate for President Trump outweighs “his sense of duty.”

“Flake is a selfish narcissist who would stop one of the few things he actually could do for his country-confirm responsible judges. His hate of @realDonaldTrump exceeds his sense of duty. His proposal is unconstitutional anyway. Good riddance! Go hide in an elevator!”


Huckabee’s elevator comment is in reference to the Brett Kavanaugh hearings where Flake was held up inside of an elevator by sexual assault victims and protesters.

The women who held him up talked him into calling for a delay on confirming the Supreme Court nominee until the FBI could investigate the sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh.



5 Comments on Mike Huckabee Unloads on ‘Selfish Narcissist’ Flake for Vowing to Oppose Trump’s Judicial Picks

  1. WOW, Mike Huckabee, you nailed what I & so many others have said & felt about this snowflake from Snowflake Arizona! I say good riddance to bad rubbish!

  2. These so called women that supposedly pressured Snow Flake to vote against Judge Kavanaugh were probably giving Flake a lot of sexual pleasures in the elevator to solicit his vote agains Kavanaugh.

    • cnn had a camera crew on hand.

      The protestors made certain there would be ‘friendly’ “distorting” of the news.

      AND, the crapitol poleece were nowhere to be seen in any of the videos.

      IF the crapitol police can’t guarantee the safety of the Senators, THE US MARINES CAN DAMNED SURE GUARANTEE THEIR SAFETY!

  3. Flakey Flake is a RINO (Republican In Name Only) as we have reported over and over. I consider Flake a turncoat and anti-American who has joined the left wing cabal set on destroying our
    American Bill Of Rights Constitutional REPUBLIC.
    The sooner he joins that other RINO turncoat John McCain the better.
    Phoenix area since 1947.

  4. Flake is nothing but another stupid Dumbocrat. I know he was elected on the Republican ticket, but his actions speak louder than his words. He is a Dumbocrat..

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