Hollywood Director Blows The Whistle President Obama & Human Sex Trafficking: Barack’s White House Refused To Act While Trump’s Hunts Down Offenders

Kirsters Baish| For almost ten years now, Jaco Booyens has been working to combat human trafficking. If anyone does, he knows how much help the government has issued for the cause.

Booyens is not just an activist, but also the director of the movie “8 Days,” which delves into the world of human trafficking.

The movie is based on true stories of real victims. Booyens has explained that former President Barack Obama didn’t help to fight against sex trafficking at all during his time in office.

When someone like Booyens, who knows the horrific world of sex trafficking all too well and knows the kinds of funding being granted to relief funds says that Obama did nothing, it means something.

The Hollywood director is a member of the Traffick911 board, which was founded back in 2009. It has helped to free hundreds of young people from being enslaved as sex slaves. He explained that barely any help came during the Obama administration.

On Thursday during a Turning Point USA High School Leadership Summit, Booyens questioned, “Do you know that I cannot get the radical left to do something about it? Do you know that we could not get the Obama White House to do something about it?”

Booyens explained that unlike Obama, the Trump administration has been doing a lot to help fight sex trafficking.

“Do you know that President Trump has done more to fight that thing — Ivanka (Trump), Jared (Kushner) — they have done more — Don Jr. — to fight that thing,” he explained.

The President issued an executive order early in 2017 which pushes the government to “identify, interdict, disrupt, and dismantle the transnational criminal organizations that engage in human trafficking.”

“My administration will focus on ending the absolutely horrific practice of human trafficking. And I am prepared to bring the full force and weight of our government, whatever we can do, in order to solve this horrific problem,” the President explained of the order.

It was reported by the Epoch Times that Immigration and Customs Enforcement was able to identify 904 minors that were classified as “sexually exploited children” and 518 human trafficking victims in 2017.

Conservative Tribune explains, “Last month, the Department of Justice announced it had arrested more than 2,300 suspected online child sex offenders in a sweeping nationwide operation, called Operation Broken Heart. Booyens said the fight against human trafficking has to be fought hand-in-hand with the fight against child pornography.”

“You’ve got to go after the guy that pays for child pornography,” Booyens said. He pushed the audience tell conservative lawmakers, “How about we start going after the buyer. You buy sex with a teenager, you’ve got to go away for life.”

The director, who is a native of South Africa, started working as an activist for the exploited after his own sister was pushed into trafficking as a child.

“She was trafficked in a way that you would never expect,” Booyens explained to KCPQ-TV in Seattle back in 2014. “She was a recording artist in South Africa, and she was trafficked by a record label.”

Both her life and her mother’s life were threatened by her pimps.

“This thing is evil,” Booyens went on.

Booyens explained that any liberal who condone “moral fluidity” are just allowing someone to justify having sex with minors.

“Now we have things such as, ‘Hey there’s some people that love to have sex with children, deal with it,’” Booyens stated. “No, I’m not going to deal with it, I’m going to fight it.”

The Trump administration is 100% behind Booyen and his mission.

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  1. I wish to make a nonpartisan comment, while applauding the current administration’s bold attempt to disrupt and abolish human trafficking.
    For thousands of years, those being “prostituted” were victimized twice; first by buyers and then by judgement from others, including the legal system. Then the pimps became the focus to stop prostitution; when they were inprisomed, other pimps took over their territory. Learn more about “The Nordic Model” that King County, Seattle has implemented and successfully decreased the sexual exploitation of children & vulnerable adults. They now hold the buyers accountable. Learn how they did it through a free conference featuring the team of 5 who meet every two weeks.

  2. Because stinky one’s admin (BO) is part of the sex trafficking problem. It will be coming out soon….very soon!! Trump & his admin have been working hard to get these people and ALL OF THOSE in our freakin’ gov’t that are involved!!!!

  3. People would be horrified is they really knew who is behind a lot of this sex trafficking, prostitution rings, and drugs. Some of the most powerful and well known people would be involved.

  4. You won’t hear about this in the main stream media. It needs to brought that they liberal elite are only paying lip service to human trafficking, when the “demon” (in the words of the MSM) Trump administration is actually out fighting, trying to stop it and to eliminate the demand.

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