Watch: Obama Shocked As Federal Prosecutor Tells Him The Last Thing He Wants To Hear

Kirsters Baish| As we previously reported, former President Barack Obama came out from the hole he was hiding in this past week, delivering a speech to students at University of Illinois.

During the speech, Obama slammed President Donald Trump as a desperate plea to save the Democratic Party in the upcoming midterm elections. And it looks pathetic.

For 240 years, former Presidents have made it a point to not attack their own successor.

It doesn’t look good for the country, but Obama doesn’t seem to care about that.

Former Federal Prosecutor Sidney Powell made an appearance on Fox News’ “Lou Dobbs Tonight” this week, exposing Obama for the rat he is.

Take a look at the video clip Lou Dobbs posted on Twitter below:

Dobbs captioned the video, “#ObamaObstruction- @SindneyPowell1: Obama absolutely destroyed tradition in his attack against President @realDonaldTrump. He walked all over and spit on it. It’s nothing short of outrageous and appalling. #MAGA #TrumpTrain #Dobbs.”

Jessie Jane Duff wrote on Twitter, “I know better than to worship false idols. Or listen to one either. #ObamaSpeaks #MAGA #FridayFeeling.”:

Sidney Powell, herself, took to Twitter to share her viewpoint writing, “#Obama administration prosecuted more #Whistleblowers as leakers than all prior administration combined!

And #FOIA requests had to go through White House counsel #Ruemmler”

She then linked to CreepsonAMissioncom.

Powell has a very valid point. The Obama administration is guilty of a lot more than Obama would like to admit.

10 Comments on Watch: Obama Shocked As Federal Prosecutor Tells Him The Last Thing He Wants To Hear

  1. Rest assured he was not. He was not eligible and should be in prison for fraud and acting as a foreign agent. He should be, when convicted in a court of law, hanged in town square.

  2. my only saving grace is that through this mess we will peel back more of the onion and the corruption and he will finally be exposed as a spy in the whitehouse for the last 8 years and was a lie and will be convicted for treason and pretending to be a an American when he is a foreign national and held office under a pretense and lie and the DOJ FBI CIA and all of Washington DEMs knew it but covered it up!!

  3. Why bother listening to this POS? We know as a fact what he did and who he is. A muslim snake, a treasonous bastard, an enemy of this glorious country. He deserves to be executed ipso facto! #MAGA!

  4. What about all those that pushed o damn hard to get this phony pushed through all the normal checks and balances? I’m thinking that his campaign manager, those that aided him in hiding information and getting his records sealed, should be charged as being complicit in any and all laws/rules that they may find to have been broken. He wasn’t alone in this. Obviously he had inside help to get over all the hurdles in his way. Anybody found to be suspect of aiding him should be charged, as should he, of high treason and crimes against the United States of America. And if found guilty, sentenced to death. To be carried out immediately.

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