Ocasio-Cortez Pushes to Impeach Trump but Can’t Give Specifics: ‘Just Meeting the Republican Standard’

Ocasio-Cortez Pushes to Impeach Trump but Can’t Give Specifics: ‘Just Meeting the Republican Standard’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was asked if it was too early to start the process to impeach President Trump to which she answered, “not to me.”

Ocasio-Cortez named the Russia probe and Michael Cohen’s guilty plea for lying to congress about potential real estate business in Moscow that fell through for reasons to impeach the president.

She even used Bill Clinton’s impeachment as an example and stated that Donald Trump shouldn’t be held to a different standard.

“I’ve been supportive of impeachment for some time now so I think it just adds to the case,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “I mean, it’s just, this is ridiculous. This is outrageous. In 1998, the entire Republican Party decides to impeach Bill Clinton over what standard? And the fact that they have to raise that standard to go above and beyond.”

What is she even saying?? Does anyone speak millennial snowflake? I need a translator…

Watch below to see if it makes any more sense to you:

Ocasio-Cortez claims that it was the Republicans who pushed the limits of what qualifies for impeachment.

“They’re the ones that established that standard for impeachment so we are just really meeting the Republican standard.”

When she was asked to expand on what specific standard had been exceeded that would call for the start of the impeachment process, she could not give a specific answer.

“Well, I just think, overall, when you look at the broad stroke they took, how far they would take it, and how granularly they would dig into that process.”

Ummm… What??

32 Comments on Ocasio-Cortez Pushes to Impeach Trump but Can’t Give Specifics: ‘Just Meeting the Republican Standard’

  1. She’s so stupid – every day she comes up with another mouthful of jumbled words that she has no idea what she’s saying. I pity the other 99 Senators who have to put up with her until she finds another gig that pays more. That’s the only way she’ll go voluntarily.

  2. Occasional Cortex is right…
    You can’t understand her because of the
    noise her brain makes rattling around
    when she opens her mouth.

  3. That they even bother to print what she says is a mystery to me.
    If you think she’s bad, think of the people who listened to her and then voted for her. Do you not think that we have a multitude of people with their porch light out?

  4. “I’m sorry, I’m in the middle of walking at the moment so I wouldn’t dream of also chewing gum, much less answer your questions intelligibly. This is all my brain can handle at one time.”

  5. Oh, c’mon – you all can’t be for real. She has the identical DNA (Ditzy No-brain Aptitude) that Nancy Pelosi has! She just trying to follow her leader.

  6. Bill Clinton committed perjury. I know that is a big word for Mz. Cortez, but it means he lied under oath. He also encouraged another person to commit perjury and that is also crime for most people. I know that Democrats hold themselves to a different standard (“what is is”) but that is why Clinton was impeached.

  7. I can’t believe that anyone could so stupid. But, evidently, New York has quite a few ignorant people because they voted this moron in. Every time she opens her mouth, it is plain that she doesn’t know ANYTHING.

  8. This like an Abbot and Costello movie. A very bad joke played on the people that have her for a Rep. I guess she will provide some comic relief in congress. As my father used to say about some people “You must be twins, one person couldn’t be that stupid”

  9. Look, if it’s not in her crib notes, she doesn’t have a clue. She goes on a MSM ‘news’ show, pulls the slowest clown out of that circus in her head and throws him against the wall to see if he sticks. You can stick a tube in her ear and use her for a food-saver!

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