Parkland Dad Has Had Enough, Calls Out Nancy Pelosi In Front Of The Nation After She Fought Trump’s Initiative to Protect Our Schools

Andrew Pollack, who lose his daughter, Meadow during the Valentines Day 2018 high school mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, called out California Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi this week after she openly fought against President Donald Trump’s push to protect our nation’s schools.

Breitbart News reports:

Trump’s School Safety Commission, headed by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, submitted a report that presented numerous steps that could be taken to heighten school safety. One of those was doing away with an Obama administration rule that let kids prone to crime and/or dangerous behavior slip through the cracks.

Another step was to add more armed personnel on campus, particularly veterans and/or police. And Trump himself continued to push for armed teachers, as he has done since day one following the attack.

IJR reports that the House Minority Leader answered by calling the report an attempt “to roll back students’ civil rights and fill our classrooms with deadly firearms.”

She went on, “Not only are Republicans ignoring proven research and dismantling vital student anti-discrimination protections, they have blocked commonsense gun violence prevention measures and underfunded effective school climate practices, anti-bullying initiatives, after-school programs and school counselor supports.”

Pollack answered over Twitter saying, “When 17 people get murdered in school, politicians have 2 choices: find out why and #fixit or weaponize it for their own agendas and wait to do it all over again next time. @realdonaldtrump took the high route. You dishonor Parkland’s legacy and endanger other kids for retweets.”

7 Comments on Parkland Dad Has Had Enough, Calls Out Nancy Pelosi In Front Of The Nation After She Fought Trump’s Initiative to Protect Our Schools

    • Amen! IF The peepeelowsi Creature cared about OUR America, even a little bit, she’d prove her concern via Suicide immediately after she murdered The shummer Creature! Obviously, she don’t care. She must be hanged!

  1. These people are voted into office to the right thing FOR THE PEOPLE, They end up doing WHAT THEY WANT.They have all the protection in the world , but our kids get NONE. Something is wrong here. Take away THEIR protection and all HELL would break loose.

  2. The Democrats have no desire to protect Americans with sensible legislation. They don’t care about the kids, they don’t care about the people in general. Nancy Pelosi and all, their goal is to get their power back. It doesn’t matter if sensible solutions are offered by either party, some Democrats and Republicans. To the Democrats and especially the leadership if a solution is suggested and it makes sense they vote no. It won’t help them regain control. Pelosi is vile and disgusting and you in Ca. keep voting for her. It makes no sense to vote Democrat if you care for our people and the Country.

  3. Seems all the dumocrats are about is power and getting re-elected. Taking away guns amounts power over all. Look at Nazi Germany and the USSR. Sobs of people were exterminated for power. I Don’t see why anyone would vote dumocrat any more. Sounds like ignorance.

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