Paul Ryan’s Role In The Plot To Sabotage Trump Is Now Public – America Must Know The Truth

Opinion| When House Speaker Paul Ryan held an October 10, 2016 conference call with his fellow Republicans he made his intentions towards Donald Trump abundantly clear:

“There are basically two things that I want to make really clear as for myself as your Speaker.  I am not going to defend Donald Trump, not now, not in the future.”

Ryan’s statement came after an Access Hollywood tape was released that was embarrassing to then-candidate Trump.

It was about as disingenuous a reason imaginable considering Ryan never made so much as a peep over evidence that Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, was at the least tangentially, linked to a number of pedophilia and child trafficking cases.

Ryan also passed on demanding an investigation – or even raising the subject – into allegations that the DNC rigged the primaries to guarantee Hillary’s nomination.

Keep in mind that at the time Ryan pledged not to support Trump the FBI and DOJ were allegedly conspiring to destroy the Trump candidacy and, after Trump’s election, to destroy his presidency.

During this time Ryan was a member of the Gang of Eight making him one of only four House members being informed by the intelligence community about the FBI-DOJ plot to destroy Donald Trump.

The only other House Republican in the intelligence loop was Devin Nunes.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and SSCI Chairman, Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) were the two Republican members of the Senate privy to the same knowledge.

Nunes eventually emerged as a hero and true American patriot while the other three necessarily did not.

As the Spygate scandal has begun unraveling with greater speed, we have been given the necessary perspective to realize the extent Paul Ryan (and McConnell and Burr) were willing to go in order to protect Hillary Clinton and destroy Donald Trump.

Those three, along with their four Democrat colleagues, deliberately ignored the corruption of virtually every government agency and department where political leverage could benefit Obama, Clinton and the globalist cabal.

Clinton was their last best hope to protect the intra-government criminal construct surrounding the international cabal and its fleecing Americans of trillions of dollars to the benefit of multinational corporations and global bankers, that Trump had pledged to end.

David Plouffe was Obama’s campaign manager:

Trump voters, recognizing that they had been losing ground to the globalist cabal and only Donald Trump was speaking to that, ignored Ryan’s negative speak and elected Trump.  

From that point forward, Ryan’s job should’ve been to move the Trump agenda that had garnered more votes than any previous Republican presidential candidate.  Ryan was, after all was said and done, charged with leadership of the House for just that purpose.

But failing that, he still had an obligation to protect and defend the Constitution and to preserve the necessary checks and balances between branches of government.

If the common voter recognized that Washington had long ago turned its back on them and had become a corrupt cesspool, then Paul Ryan knew why and chose to do nothing.

Instead of speaking out, armed with knowledge that many of the agencies and departments – IRS, EPA, CIA, FBI, DOJ, State – of the Obama administration had been weaponized, first against the rank and file of his own party, and then against Donald Trump for speaking out, Ryan turned his back on all of them and worked to protect the criminal syndicate and the corrupted administration that were working to preserve it.  

The Constitution was written with checks and balances to protect American citizens against the potential of a corrupt person in a position of power, or even a corrupt branch of government.

Without Ryan (or, McConnell) exercising their Constitutional duty to provide the legislature’s check on Hussein’s Manchurian presidency, the entire government apparatus had essentially been handed to a tyrant and the threat to the long term preservation of our constitutional republic became very real.

It’s against this backdrop of corruption and very real threat to our country that Paul Ryan worked against Donald Trump, first as a candidate and then as the president.

Many Republicans are convinced Ryan did everything in his power to “throw” the 2018 elections to the Democrats.

Voters had returned control of the House to Republicans in 2010, only two years into the Obama administration to provide what they saw as a needed check against the excesses of his first term.

When Ryan ascended to the Speakership, Americans had every right to expect him to lead that resistance and, above all else, to protect and defend the Constitution.  

For his betrayal of America, Paul Ryan should rot in hell.

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      • I know! We had a chance to put Jim Jordan in but because it was Kevin McCarthy’s “turn”, he got it. I don’t know when government officials quit working for the American people and started working for themselves but we must, must, must get term limits enacted. The idea of the political dynasty must be wiped from memory (not with a cloth, Hillary). And we as the American people need to take our country back from the politicians! Two terms in the Senate and 3 in the House. If they are not capable of getting things done in that amount of time they shouldn’t be there!

        • I agree.We have needed it since Newt Gingrich tried to get it back in the early nineties. None of the politicians favor it. We have too many career politicians in congress.I once was a great fan of Paul Ryan, but un-be-known to me he was a big RINO. I now have no use for him, as far as I’m concerned, he is a has been, a jerk, who is far from a patriot, He is for himself. I will never,ever vote for him again, for anything.

    • He’s been proven to be a snake in the grass time and time again. He’s got that sappy look gives you the impression use on your side. If he told me what time it was, I would look at my watch. And he says a lot about the people who elected him.

  1. Paul Ryan is, in this Vietnam veteran’s opinion, a piece of Marxist Excrement as is the Entire Progressive Left and it’s Anti-American Citizen, Anti-Constitution , Anti individual Liberty and freedom and choices and, I WOULD KNOW HAVING HAD A DEGREE IN GOVERNMENT FOR 52 OF MY 74 YEARS, HAVING FOUGHT WITH AN INFANTRY UNIT IN VIETNAM AS PERSONAL PROTECTION FOR AND ASSISTANT TO MEDAL OF HONOR FOR VALOR AWARDEE CHAPLAIN CHARLES ANGELO LITEKY OF THE 199TH LIGHT INFANTRY BRIGADE.He and those like him in Both forever be damned corrupt parties belong in prison first and hell next after the damages they have done to these constitutionally guaranteed rights. After Vietnam I spent my last two years as a Staff member at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and was sickened at the Congressional privilege demanded and received over and above that given to our severely combat wounded traumatic multiple amputees; so much so that though I had prepared for a Public Service Career, my moral
    conscience would not allow me to become one of those slithering swamp slime reptiles whose only interests are self-aggrandizing schemes and the pursuit of party Agendas often outright INIMICAL to the AMERICAN CITIZEN. These include the New World Order and totally disruptive illegal immig-ration policies which hurt us all, The Establishment of Sanctuary Cities protecting foreign felons and MS-13 Gang murderers and oft deported criminals. utterly TREASONOUS events like Benghazi, the Iran Nuke deal and Uranium One; all of which were detrimental TO THE BEST INTERESTS OF AMERICAN CITIZENS, and “Obamacare,” from which $700 Billion was stolen by Congress to fund that total failure. NOW, THE LEFT WANTS TO FURTHER RAPE AND ROB SENIORS WHO PAID FOR THESE BENEFITS AND OTHERS WITH MEDICARE FOR ALL BUT, absolutely no way to fund it!These horrendous abuses to Seniors, our military troops and their families who during the reign of ruin by Obama had pay and benefits cut along with training and equipment and quarters allowances for the troops families, expanded multiple tours and Obama even tried to end healthcare for them saying they should be paying their own way while serving the country under those conditions! He was unequivocally the sorriest excuse for a sitting President in American History, and if one simply LOOKS at the pragmatic reality of Performance and the loss of individual liberties and choices and the nearly Tripled Debt from 8-21 Trillion dollars in his 8 years; ANYONE with a brain that functions and was not Pavlovian Conditioned to be a good little leftist autobot by the FAILED PUBLIC EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM EXISTING SINCE UNIONIZATION OF TEACHERS, POLICE FIRE , NURSING AND PARTICULARLY FEDERAL EMPLOYEES WAS ALLOWED BY RICHARD NIXON IN 1969 WHEN I WAS AT WALTER REED AND WAS ANGRY AND RESENTFUL OVER IT AND ITS IMPLICATIONS THEN, ALL OF WHICH HAS PROVED DETRIMENTAL AND AFTER THE MARIEL BOAT LIFT IN 1980, BEGAN THE LACK OF IMMIGRATION LAW ENFORCEMENT THAT HAS US BEING INVADED BY MILLIONS OF ILLEGALS WHICH THE LEFTIST NEW WORLD ORDER CABAL AGAINST THIS COUNTRY PREFERS! Those who are part of the conspiracy seek to implement U.N. Agenda 21 here and we simply CANNOT allow that to happen under any circumstances IF, you value your freedoms, choices American Sovereignty and the future of your Children. Ryan and many of his RINO counterparts and ALL of the Progressive Left are in fact one thing and one thing only to all things American: THE ENEMY WITHIN! All one need do to SEE the TRUTH, is LOOK at it with eyes open as they are NOT hiding a thing!

  2. Paul Ryan is and ALWAYS HAS BEEN a wimpy coward who has always been afraid to admit his own beliefs and positions and motivations in public, because . . . he knows that they are corrupt and an INTENTIONAL means to an end that can only be described as thoroughly evil.

    He’s an enemy of the US Constition, and as an elected official sworn to support that legal document, such behavior is SUBVERSIVE of our government and our nation’s survival. It’s my opinion that this makes him a full fledged traitor to our nation and all its citizens’ best interests.

    In short, I view Speaker Ryan as one of the (if not THE) worst political whores in our nation’s history.

  3. The 1st thing RINO UnAmerican Paul Ryan did when he was made by RINO republicans leader of the house was get the obama Omnibus bill passed. Paul Ryan is a Treasonous SOB & he & the rest of the Treasonous RINO’ should be investigated by a DOJ Special Council & jailed for Treason. Donald J Trump is the only POTUS in 26 or more years who cares about legal citizens of the USA. MAGA POTUS Trump & Thank You for your gigantic effort against a commie led RINO & Democrat Commie Party

  4. Until Barack Obama is identified as the fake unqualified “President” he was( as the Clintons told us) the evil he represents cannot be exposed. When the investigation starts with the fake Birth Certificate it will lead to those behind the destruction of the U.S. plot and the Obama Administration’s thuggery backed by untold wealth and power against working, Constitutional American citizens for our demise! God Bless President Trump as he takes on the Satanic forces allowed to ruin because we are gifted with free will!

  5. Rino Ryan has always been a traitor to MAGA and a fraud. Don’t know why Trump ever supported him. Rino Ryan is the reason WI is going back to Hell.

  6. The sad part of this mess is we really only have one party.To many rino’s all against the people of the UNITED STATES. So folks it is our call.

  7. Joan Ferko is right. To get this mess straightened out and MAGA, Obama must be exposed as the phony he is. Then, the fallout will get the rest of the anti-American bunch. This nit picking the lesser people will drag on forever and we all know nothing will be done.

  8. Paul Ryan has been against our President since day one!!! He should have been ousted back in Y 2016. He has done nothing to help our President not to further the agenda of the American people. Nor have the other two republicans. Devin Noones, however, has been all pro American and all pro for the American people, and all pro for our President.

  9. At first, I liked Ryan and thought he was going to really stand up for the people, but as time went on, I saw something in him [ his demeanor and words ] that quickly may me know he wasn’t out to help anyone. I became pretty disgusted with him and didn’t trust him. And not backing Trump showed me he wasn’t any better than the Dems.

  10. The solution lies with the Declaration of Independence and the 2nd Amendment that is why those two sections were put in. Its up to us law abiding members of a civil society to put a stop to this political thuggery, until we do as the saying goes grab the bull by the horns nothing is going to change. We the people with the rights given by the Constitution and Declaration of Independence in removing a treasonous non functioning Government.

  11. Why would WE THE PEOPLE declare our INDEPENDENCE 242 years ago, go to wars to kick Great Britain, France, Spain and Mexico
    out of America? Then replace them with more Progressive Democratic and RINO destructive policies of Tyranny, Taxes, Rules, and Regulations,
    without another armed rebellion?

    • Because there are a lot of stupid-Americans in our country. Used to be, whom ever won the election, took the office w/o a lot of B/S from the opposing side,now we have to listen to a whole lot of bickering & whining from the leftist,socialist,marxist,communists. I didn’t like obama, but I didn’t criticize everything he said & did, so I say shut the heck up, stand aside until you win another election.I know all of you think it’s my way or the hi-way,but we ppl. who love the country are not just going to lay down & roll over for you just because you little snowflakes,& millenials are un- happy with immigration, the wall & other Americans

  12. Thanks be to the God we serve for exposing this very very corrupt man!!!


  13. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Romney,Gowdy,Ryan, Rubio, Sessions, Collins, Flake, Haley)they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp,Pres Trump!

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