President Trump Just Single Handedly Rejected The G-20 Climate Change Statement While Others Caved

President Trump Just Single Handedly Rejected The G-20 Climate Change Statement While Others Caved.

This is why Donald Trump was elected as President, he is a strong man who won’t bend under the pressure of the left.

President Trump stood in a room where every other person accepted the climate change statement and he stuck to his beliefs.

Climate change is nothing more than an unproven hypothesis. This is one of the biggest, most deceitful political agendas of our generation.

But, Donald Trump did not bend under the peer pressure, he stood alone in his rejection of the G-20 climate change statement.

Always stand for the right thing…Even if you’re standing alone.

All of the world leaders signed a statement on Saturday pledging their support of the Paris Climate agreement… all of the leaders, that is, except for President Trump.

The United States reiterates its decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, and affirms its strong commitment to economic growth and energy access and security, utilizing all sources and technologies, while protecting the environment.
G20 communique

Donald Trump has been firm on his decision to pull out of what he called a “bad deal” in the Paris Climate agreement since he took office. It’s so nice to have a president who actually does what he says.

I’m loving that he stood up as the only world leader who would not bend under the pressure to support the Climate change statement… Can you imagine the look on Al Gore’s face right now??

President Trump hasn’t commented on the G-20 summit just yet, he wants to honor the death of former President H.W. Bush before they have any press conference.


3 Comments on President Trump Just Single Handedly Rejected The G-20 Climate Change Statement While Others Caved

  1. Good decision Trump.
    Global warming—converted to “climate change” because the climate is actually not warming (what BS). Bull$h!t artist Gore declared that by now the glaciers would be gone and most of Florida covered with their melted water—–how’d that prediction work out Alphonyso? O vomit declared that global warming was the most “existential” (worn out liberal word—they think using this word makes them seem intelligent—-WRONG) threat to mankind was global warming and fish are swimming in the streets of Miami (a city in Florida, which was 1 of the 57 states {so sayeth Barry Hussein} Ohole campaigned in.
    Good job Trump—way to hang in there for common sense people!

  2. Climate change what a crock of BS, just a way to control your pocket (money) and the masses of gullible donkeys who believe anything they hear, no critical thinking skills. Nature (it will do what it does, whenever it does) like death (can’t bring back the dead, once they are really dead, unless you are GOD) is a natural phenomenon that can’t be stopped or controlled. This isn’t a science fiction movie with global weather controllers. It is asinine and arrogant to think that 5% of the earth’s weight(humans) can affect the other 95% of the earth’s weight and a living organism like the earth won’t adjust. Common sense, which isn’t so common, shows you can’t throw a pebble at a moving car and expect it to stop. Doesn’t take a college degree to figure that out. The so called experts who jumped on the climate change bandwagon did so to protect their pocket, their “studies” pay them a lot of money to come up with the crap they spout. If they believed it they would do it for free. Like all things you have to take the BS with a grain of salt and ask questions, educate yourself. All renewable energy (like all energy) causes pollution, solar panels need minerals to produce which are toxic and not easily disposed of, windmills need metal and paint (chemicals/minerals) to make and oil to keep the friction produced by the turbine down depending on the size of the turbine as much as 55 gallons, not too mention batteries for storage, and insulation for the wiring (same for the junk science behind electric cars), again toxic minerals and production methods. What is never told the damage to the environment by the millions of birds killed every year by flash cooking and mutilation caused by the panels and wind mill blades and damage caused to the land where they placed. The truth never presented by all the lying studies. If renewable energy is so great, why does it cost so much? Why after all the money poured into it, it was only 4% of the grid and still is only 4% of the grid and undependable. The price of my electricity has never gone down, it has always gone up, no matter how much the electric companies waste on the “renewable” energy lie. The government won’t let you produce it for yourself because they can’t tax it, the electric companies fight against you so you can’t wean yourself away from them, liars all. The donkeys keeps believing the lie with their noses stuck in their phones oblivious to everything around them.

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