New TV Ratings Released … Shows CNN Collapsing Further Into Blackhole

Fox New has been dominating the cable landscape finishing in No. 1 for todays viewers in the month of August.

Unfortunately, for the once popular news network CNN it looks like dooms day is coming quick.

The anti-Trump liberal media show is slowly and painfully dying. But we are not complaining as it is honestly a good thing to see networks like CNN and MSNBC die out like they are. They have been doing it to themselves by pushing this fake news rhetoric ever since the start of the 2016 presidential election.

CNN has now fallen 23% from its original 25-54 year-old viewer demographic. It has become so bad for the liberal network that even Fox News Channel has knocked them our of their place.

CNN and MSNBC have been taken down when it comes to weekly ratings for 31 weeks in a row.

This is really starting to become old news. And now for the 11th week in a row Fox News has beat out prime time television rivals in viewership.

But it get even better as CNN has dropped behind basic cable networks when it comes to prime time watchers.

Reported by Kirsters Baish from cnnfbnewscycle:

Fox took the top spot in all of prime time for the week of August 6-12 with 2.18 million viewers on any given evening on average. MSNBC was the closest to Fox with 1.75 million viewers. CNN paled in comparison, only bringing in an average of 992,000 viewers during prime time television hours.

CNN came in seventh on the list, coming in after basic cable networks like Home and Garden Television, which had an average of 1.33 million viewers, USA Network, which had an average of 1.25 million viewers, the History Channel with 1.06 million viewers, and TBS Network with 1.02 million viewers.

Less people are tuning in to watch Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo than are tuning in to watch the guys on “Pawn Stars” and “Counting Cars.” Even better than that? The same networks that are raking in more ratings than CNN are airing shows like “Ancient Aliens.”

Most of us have seen the memes of “Ancient Aliens” personality Giorgio Tskoukalos. Recently, the meme took a political turn on Twitter. Anderson Cooper’s face was put over top Tskoukalos’ and the caption read, “I’m not saying it was the Russians, but it was probably the Russians.”

Conservative Tribune reports:

It is worth noting that while CNN lost out to the History Channel during prime time hours, the media outlet did manage to beat the History Channel in terms of total day viewers — 674,000 to 548,000. That means that at least some day time viewers seem to prefer watching CNN compare the current administration to Nazis than watching documentaries on actual Nazis during WWII.

So there is that, I guess, that CNN has going for them. Now if only CNN can find a way to woo viewers away from Nickelodeon, HGTV and Investigation Discovery … but they’d still be trailing Fox and MSNBC during the day.

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