After so much criticism mounting over the Trump Administration’s response to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the mayor of Puerto Rico’s largest city has some explaining to do. 

She cried and complained that her people were dying and that Trump was killing the people of Puerto Rico. But when the donations from companies and others, inclining hundreds of thousands of pounds of food, was donated she had no reason to be so angry after she just let the food go to waste.

The mayor had a huge display of outrage with the “lack” of reliefs but she allowed the supplies to rot.

Crucial emergency supplies were given to the needy people of Puerto Rico after the hurricane, but the mayor left the supplies in a parking lot for the rodents and for mold to grow instead. 

All of the 1,200 dying people left in the aftermath of the hurricane might have had a better chance of survival if those supplies had actually gotten to them.

Instead, the food went to waste as Cruz was busy appearing on leftwing television complaining about President Trump. She pretended like she cared about her people, but in reality, she didn’t do enough for the people of San Juan.

There were even reports of the food given as aid for the people found on the floor spoiled and covered in rats and bugs outside of the Puerto Rico elections office.

Clearly, the food was meant for the people in need, but the items donated by non-profits were wasted. The food collected was supposed to be given to the residents struggling in the area after being collected at the election commissions offices.

Apparently, the government of Puerto Rico gave up on its efforts to help their people. 

According to steadfastandloyal:

Authorities told The New York Times that the goods had been there for “more than a year.” In one of the containers, a local official said, was “whatever was left after the National Guard left was put in those containers.”

If Soto had worked as hard for her people as she did try to blame Trump for the media… The city would’ve been much better off. She was too busy trying to promote herself then working for her people.

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