Scalise Calls Out Schumer for Flip-Flop Stance On Illegal Immigration

Scalise Calls Out Schumer for Flip-Flop Stance On Illegal Immigration.

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) had some words for Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) on Sunday.

Schumer’s unwillingness to approve the funding for border security is a huge flip-flop from his past calls for stronger borders.

The partial govt. shutdown is thanks to democrats like Schumer suddenly changing their tune on border security and refusing to approve the funding that is needed for the border wall.

President Donald Trump will not sign a bill without the funding for a border wall but the Senate Democrats are digging in and refusing to vote for a bill that includes the $5 billion Trump needs.

The appropriations bill needs 60 Senators to vote for it in order for it to pass. So far, Schumer isn’t willing to give President Trump an inch on border wall funding.

It’s funny because this is a completely different tune from what Schumer was singing in 2009. President Trump dug up the perfect clip of Schumer and posted it on his Twitter in August saying, “Chuck Schumer, I agree!”

Watch Schumer’s 2009 immigration speech:


It’s obvious that the whole thing is about nothing more than politics to the democrats. They have no care for the future of America or its citizens, all they care about is winning.

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  1. Actually I am going to correct the author of this article and I am going to lay some of the blame at MITCH MCCONNELL’S feet! We could use the nuclear option, and then we would only need 51 votes to make it happen. When the Democrats wanted something, they enacted the nuclear option to get what they wanted, yet Mitch McConnell is not using it?? Is he afraid of using it? The Democrats wouldn’t think twice about using it.Come on Mitch, the people want this wall!!Just look at the Go Fund Me page. At Christmas people have donated $18.5 Million dollars of their own, hard earned money to help build the wall. If they can do that at Christmas, the least you can do is grow some hair on your chest and use the nuclear option! Otherwise it may be time, to start a campaign to get rid of you. Isn’t it time we voted for a new leader? One that will do what the VOTERS want?

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