Scammers Use Netflix Con To Steal Users Personal Data

Scammers Use Netflix Con To Steal Users Personal Data.

Online scammers are using a Netflix con, sending fake billing emails to its users, to gain access to their personal and financial data.

Reportedly the scammers are sending Netflix emails to users claiming that their account is suspended because of trouble with their billing information.

Users are then asked to enter their personal and billing information that is then sent to the scammers to do with it what they please.

A screenshot of the fraudulent email has been saved and shared by the Federal Trade Commission so users can be aware of what this “bait” looks like.


The FTC provided further information for you to protect yourself from these types of scams:

  • Check it out. If you have concerns about the email, contact the company directly. But look up their phone number or website yourself. That way, you’ll know you’re getting the real company and not about to call a scammer or follow a link that will download malware.
  • Take a closer look. While some phishing emails look completely legit, bad grammar and spelling can tip you off to phishing. Other clues: Your name is missing, or you don’t even have an account with the company. In the Netflix example, the scammer used the British spelling of “Center” (Centre) and used the greeting, “Hi Dear.” Listing only an international phone number for a U.S.-based company is also suspicious.
  • Report phishing emails. Forward them to [email protected] (an address used by the FTC) and to [email protected] (an address used by the Anti-Phishing Working Group, which includes ISPs, security vendors, financial institutions, and law enforcement agencies). You can also report phishing to the FTC at Also, let the company or person that was impersonated know about the phishing scheme. For Netflix, forward the message to [email protected].

Though Netflix isn’t personally involved in this scam, users have been dropping the streaming service due to its emerging left wing ties.

When Netflix brought Barack Obama and his wife Michelle on board, many conservatives dumped the streaming service. This scam just might be an incentive for more users to walk away.

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