Rush Limbaugh Catches Blasey-Ford Falsely Manipulating Senate Using ‘Professional’ Voice Technique During Testimony, Calls Her Out Live On Air,

Brett Kavanaugh was finally confirmed this weekend after weeks of public scrutiny and being blindsided by sexual allegations from decades ago.

The Democrats have lost their fight to delay Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the highest court on the nation, and Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony against him will likely be remembered as one of the most criticized piece of testimony Congress has ever seen.

Americans found serious issues with Ford’s testimony. There were obvious inconsistencies such as the fact that none of the witnesses she named corroborated her story.

Instead, they all denied ever being at such a party. Her own lifelong friend, Leland Keyser, denied being at the party, going further to deny ever having met Brett Kavanaugh at all.

Ford couldn’t remember where, when, and wasn’t even sure of who was involved with the alleged incident.

The FBI found nothing to back her story up. It’s time for the Democrats to drop it.

Now, Conservative personality Rush Limbaugh has revealed that he noticed something peculiar in Ford’s testimony.

He explained during his Tuesday show that her “whole demeanor and her body language, it was just so rehearsed and coached.”

“You know, we had … I didn’t get to this yet. I had an audio sound bite,” Limbaugh stated.

He explained, “A Hollywood actress or an actress somewhere that I’ve never heard of did a video impersonation of Dr. Ford, and it was so spot on, and it was exactly… I noticed her speech pattern.

Those of us whose profession involve the voice know very well the various vocal techniques that professional vocalizers use, and she used to a great effect what is called uptalking or up-speaking, and that means to end every sentence on an up note.”

He continued to say that speaking up only “promotes the idea that you’re young and innocent and vulnerable, and it’s what you say was the little girl type voice.”

The Hollywood actress, who was not mentioned by name, was “destroyed. She had to apologize for it and tell everybody she supports Dr. Ford, she just was amazed and she wanted to do her impersonation to show her talent, but it got taken down, and I didn’t get a chance to get to the video.”

Take a look at the video:

“But you notice, you hear the uptick there. It is said that this is how valley girls, California valley girls speak,” Limbaugh explained.

“It’s not just them. It’s young girls, teenage girls sound this. And very vulnerable. That’s key to this. The key to Blasey Ford’s speech pattern was sounding vulnerable and scared and just totally innocent and, (impression of Christine Blasey Ford), ‘Why am I here? I, I, I think sooooo. I, I, I’m not suuuuure,’ and it just works. It makes you think that whoever you’re hearing is scared to death, is very vulnerable; couldn’t possibly be lying. But how many 53- or 55-year-olds do you hear speaking that way?” he finished off.

Obviously, we can’t take the word of a Conservative talk show host as the absolute truth, but Limbaugh brings up a very good point. But, combine Limbaugh’s comments with sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell’s report and things don’t look very good for Ford or the Democrats who used her as a pawn in their game of politics.

“The female prosecutor the Republicans hired, Rachel Mitchell, has put together a devastating forensic analysis of Dr. Ford’s testimony, and it is… I’ve got that here, but it prints out to eight pages,” Rush Limbaugh said. “I mean, it is just devastating on the substance. Forget the way she spoke and how she appeared and so forth. And the Democrats are acknowledging it as (impression) ‘Well, she’s partisan. We can’t we can’t take seriously a thing that that woman says.’ And they’re so rejecting it.”

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  1. Right on Rush! I watched her on span and was incredulous.
    The democratic senators questioners wasted most of their limited time “cananonizing” her. No tough questions from the left.

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