Trump’s Reaction Upon Seeing Obamas at Bush’s Funeral, Pure Class, Hillary On The Other Hand …

Earlier today we ran an article talking about how everyone who has met Donald Trump in person seems to have nothing but nice things to say about the man.  You may not like his politics, or how he conducts business (he is hard nosed and not afraid to push back) but when you see him talking casually with people you can just tell that the man has a big heart.

We all know about how the McCain family tried to turn John’s burial into a Trump bashing operation and failed miserably.  In “disinviting” Trump to his funeral, the late Senator McCain, spared America from the moment we witnessed today when the four most recent Presidents, and their wives, sat together in the front row for the service.

These pictures are priceless, there sits Trump and Melania, looking graceful and next to them site “the resistance” who are constantly out in the media (aside from Bill, he is the only one who carries himself with any “class” these days … think about that for a second!) trashing the President as he and his investigators close in on the FISA abuse crimes the Obama admin’s top brass seem to have committed against the Trump campaign as The Donald ran against America’s least wanted criminal, Hillary Clinton.

Diamond & Silk Reported:

“Melania Trump shook hands with both the Obamas and with Bill Clinton and waved to the rest of the row. The president who was sitting at the end also shook hands with the Obamas.

But while Hillary Clinton did nod at Melania, she didn’t greet Trump. And the look on her face was something else.”

Oh Hillary, you miserable, miserable witch … misery just suits you so well.

As usual President Trump was his normal gracious self and Melina carried herself with class and dignity, doing her best not to seem like things were always, despite the 3 snakes sitting in the pew next to them (Barack, Michelle and Hillary)

The Daily Caller reported:

“Following the state funeral, Bush’s body will be loaded aboard Air Force One for another memorial service in Houston, Texas. The casket will then be placed aboard a train toward its final resting place in College Station, Texas at H.W.’s presidential library.”

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    • Yes, why isn’t the truth broadcast from the rooftops!? The MSM go day and night 24/7 about every negative snippet they can about Trump, but the biggest news — crickets!

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