WATCH: Classless Stacey Abrams Won’t Concede GA Governor’s Race…Embarrasses Herself With Angry Claims Of Voter Suppression

WATCH: Classless Stacey Abrams Won’t Concede GA Governor’s Race…Embarrasses Herself With Angry Claims Of Voter Suppression.

Democrat Stacey Abrams took a page straight out of Hillary Clinton’s book and used her time in front of the camera last night to be bitter and blame republicans for supposed voter suppression instead of respectfully conceding.

Abrams accused the new Governor-elect Brian Kemp of suppressing the rights of Georgia citizens to vote.

Unfortunately for Abrams, her identity politics and high profile supporters like Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, John Legend and Will Ferrell didn’t get her the votes she needed to win the race.

Even the new, heavily armed Black Panthers came out to patrol the streets and push for the election of Stacey Abrams, the wouldbe first African-American Female governor of Georgia.

Despite being the mainstream media’s favorite candidate and getting the high profile attention of Hollywood, Abrams fell short by 58,150 votes.

After running through all of her legal options, Abrams had no other choice than to concede. Unfortunately for the citizens of Georgia Abrams didn’t gracefully concede or aid in the healing of a racially divided state.

Abrams instead, accused Kemp of figuring out a way to suppress the votes of Georgia democrats.

Hillary lead the way to sore losers in the democrat party. Watch below:


15 Comments on WATCH: Classless Stacey Abrams Won’t Concede GA Governor’s Race…Embarrasses Herself With Angry Claims Of Voter Suppression

  1. All these requests for recounts demanded by losers are costing a lot of public money.If a ballot loser demands and gets a recount and is still a loser, should they not have to pay a fine for the costs of the recount?

    • YES… Bravo for this. In any “sport” IE: PBR.. if you demand an inquiry, you must pay $500. IF the inquiry proves that you were right.. you didn’t have to pay that fee. If the judges were right.. you PAID .. end of discussion.

      Stacey Abrams should be made to PAY for any recount. So should Nelson and Gillum in Florida. And Snipes… well she should be in JAIL right now and pay her portion of the debacle.

  2. It’s interesting that Abrams did not disavow the heavily armed Black Panthers who came out patrolling the streets in support of her election to Governor of Georgia. And I won’t forget it either if she decides to run again in 2020 for the U.S.Senate.

  3. These Communist/Democrats are losing because of their behavior. PERIOD They seem to under estimate the people who vote, we see how rude, crude, and dishonest you liberals are and sometimes vicious. Keep it up and you all will be out of business by 2020, if it weren’t for Soros you’d be out of money and couldn’t function right now! If you want respect, you have to GIVE respect – not conceding to an election loss tells me you don’t have respect even for yourself.

  4. Yes there was voter suppression, by the armed Black Panthers out pushing for Abrams, but that is ok. Hey Stacy, just because you are a fat ugly black woman doesn’t mean you lost because of voter suppression, you lost because, well I kind of already said why you lost.

  5. Hey gurl fat, stupid and obnoxious is now way to go through life! I do realize that your a demoncRat and do not know better, but come in really? Life is too short to be bitter and go around with a chip on your shoulder! Just sit down sometime to really think about what the demoncRats believe in, namely abortion on demand as a woman’s right to choose! Then on the other hand you claim to be women of conscience and Faith? Really?

  6. You can put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig.
    She says there was voter fraud. Of course…she should know because the fraud was in her favor and perpetrated by Democrats. Otherwise the spread would be greater than 58000+/-.

  7. So New Black Panthers brandishing assault weapons around Atlanta (liberals usually love to denounce “assault” weapons)- wasn’t an effort at voter intimidation/suppression? Eric Holder didn’t think New Black Panthers outside a polling station in Philly with police batons was an act of voter intimidation in 2008 either. One law enforcement official labeled them the modern version of the KKK. Abrams is embracing the Sore/Loserman mentality we saw in the election in 2000– if she lost, she and her campaign are not to blame. What she fails to comprehend is that her misconduct now will make it harder for her to run again.

  8. You have to be joking the people in charge of the voting system were democrats what a dumb comment to even make the escaped with not letting one Hillary Clinton’s corrupt friends get elected she was like Obama take people’s rights away take their guns bring back regulations that destroy employment the democrat party is a radical socialist party that don’t understand economics the next two years will be full of false allegations and investigations wasting taxpayers money
    and obstructing Trump as much as they can when will someone in the justice department start making these democrats pay for their crimes there is not one top democrat that could get through the scrutiny for criminal activities if they were investigated to the extent Trump has been most of them would be facing court and deffinetly looking at jail time un redacted files would prove who the criminals that are corrupt in government and there would be some republicans in that lot as well

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