‘We Are Being Overwhelmed’: San Diego Border Patrol Agent Explains Why We Need a Wall

‘We Are Being Overwhelmed’: San Diego Border Patrol Agent Explains Why We Need a Wall.

San Diego Border Patrol Agent Roy Villareal appeared on Fox and Friends where he shared his concerns about border security in the state of California.

The US government is currently in a partial shutdown due to Congress democrats refusing to give President Trump an inch for the funding of a southern border wall.

Democrats prepared a bill for the New Year that they know President Trump will not be satisfied with.

They set 1.3 billion aside for border wall funding but the President has already said he won’t settle for anything less than $5 billion for the border wall.

Agent Roy Villareal would like to see some of that funding go to comprehensive border security to improve what he calls an “overwhelmed” system.

Villareal says that the Honduran caravan has pushed his team to the limit.

Watch below:

“The situation at the border is unprecedented. In my 30 years of working for the border patrol, I’ve never witnessed the situation that we’re faced with today.

We are being overwhelmed with migrants, principally family units and children and then people that are from countries other than Mexico. In the first time in the border patrol’s history, the majority of arrests are what we call, ‘other than Mexican nationals’ — people from China, Bangladesh, India, and then, of course, Central America.”

Villareal affirmed the need for a border wall and other resources in order to secure the American border.

“There is no singular solution. What we need is a combination of factors: a border infrastructure, roads that provide access to the border, technology, ground sensors, night vision cameras, drones. And then, of course, wall or fencing to secure the border,” Villareal explained.

Villareal, who has been working as a border agent for the last 30 years, can attest to the fact that walls DO WORK.

“I can attest to the fact that walls, border fences do work.”

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