Zuckerberg’s 2019 Resolution: More Political Censorship on Facebook

Zuckerberg’s 2019 Resolution: More Political Censorship on Facebook…

In a blog posted on Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised better prevention of  “election interference” and “the spread of hate speech,” without defining what either term meant to him.

Those of us who have fallen victim to Facebook’s extreme censorship know exactly what this means. Zuckerberg repeated his calls to suppress sensationalism, misinformation and to promote “news from trusted sources.”

He didn’t mention what he considered “sensationalism” and “misinformation” or list who he considered trusted news sources. But, I can guarantee that right leaning news sources will fall under “sensationalism” and “misinformation” and will not be added to the “trusted” news sources.

“We’ve partnered with fact-checkers in countries around the world to identify misinformation and reduce its distribution,” wrote Zuckerberg. 

What’s glaringly obvious is that Zuckerberg failed to mention anything about free speech or the First Amendment.

Earlier this week Facebook’s internal guidelines, which are 1,400 pages in length, were leaked for the public to see.

Sara Su, a senior engineer on the News Feed, commented on the process stating: “It’s not our place to correct people’s speech, but we do want to enforce our community standards on our platform. When you’re in our community, we want to make sure that we’re balancing freedom of expression and safety.”

Here’s his entire post below:



10 Comments on Zuckerberg’s 2019 Resolution: More Political Censorship on Facebook

  1. screw you Zuckerberg, you need to step down and let someone that is not biased in any way, shape or form be the leader

  2. You betcha. Zuckerberg recognizes like all thinking Americans that Facebook is an entre’ into many American lives by the data it collects and sells to outside vendors. That requires regulation like utilities of national importance–electric, gas, water. Either the company adopts severe self-limitations, which is against the tradition of companies to self-regulate, or congress must do it after suitable hearings, expert testimony, informed policymaking, precise legislative drafting and wholesale voting to protect private information of we, the users of this social medium. Republicans have dropped the ball on this anti-intrusion activity by foreign governments and hackers; Democrats must pick up the ball and run with it in Nancy Pelosi’s House majority. Progressives must lead the way recognizing that everybody uses Facebook and needs protection from its current excesses.

  3. I call on the United States Attorney General to investigate through a Federal Grand Jury, to charge and indict Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook with the High Crimes of Treason by the denial of our constitutional right to Freedom of Speech/Expression. While I’m not an attorney, it seems like something should be able to be done to punish Mr. Zuckerberg and his fascist company. This gets worse every day. And it’s declared by FB to be not in accord with (their) community standards only if it disagrees with their LEFTIST agenda.

  4. The same left who call for ‘tolerance’ show that they are the intolerant ones.I have been censored numerous times by Suckerberg while Islamic terrorists post their hate on FarceBook.
    They call their censorship ‘community standards’ which means that if you don’t march in goose steps with them, they will shut you off.
    People can use MeWe or other social media that wont censor them but it will take tie for them to build up to take down FarceBook.

  5. I to fell prey to Facebook’s speech correction.I mention the word “termites” to describe a certain sect of people.I could not post for over 2 weeks. Wish for another place where we conservatives would be able to share our opinions.

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